The New Race Car Build        

During the end of 2007 we decided to start building the new car

The problem with the Fiesta was that the parts where becoming very hard to come by and Keith decided that rather than keep the fiesta running in 2008 to save some money and build a new car

The Saxo Mk1 VTr


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Purchased from Ebay for the the grand total of 625.00

The car came with an MOT and 2 months Tax

The first thing to do was remove the intieror

Sold for 35.00

Supplied by AB Motorsport Full Safety Devices Roll Cage

Here we are offering up the seat

I then cut the roof out ready for welding

Here is Dan making a start on the Engine

Here i have welded a rollbar pickup

Rollcage offered in and ready to bolt up

Bye Bye sun roof

This took nearly 2 days of slow welding

I can now put the roll cage back

Now for the engine swap


Out she comes

Ebay Engine Sold for 380.00

My newly race tuned RPM built Engine 1200.00 Plus Cams Ect


Balanced Clutch plate

Enter the coolant pipes


One engine and gearbox installed and ready for the mapping